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Cancer Drug Resistance

               Topic: Advances in DNA Damage & Repair and Cancer Drug Resistance

               1            Targeting DNA repair pathways to overcome cancer drug resistance
                            Robert C.A.M. van Waardenburg, Eddy S. Yang
                            Cancer Drug Resist 2021;4:837-841

               2            Radiotherapy and the cellular DNA damage response: current and future perspectives on head
                            and neck cancer treatment
                            Maria Rita Fabbrizi, Jason L. Parsons
                            Cancer Drug Resist 2020;3:775-790

               3                  EGFR signaling promotes resistance to CHK1 inhibitor prexasertib in triple negative breast
                            Kevin J. Lee, Griffin Wright, Hannah Bryant, Leigh Ann Wiggins, Michele Schuler, Natalie R.
                            Cancer Drug Resist 2020;3:980-991

               4            Aberrant DNA repair as a potential contributor for the clonal evolution in subsets of anaplastic
                            thyroid carcinomas arising through dedifferentiation: implications for future therapeutic
                            Carl Christofer Juhlin
                            Cancer Drug Resist 2020;3:992-1000

               5            Resistance to venetoclax and hypomethylating agents in acute myeloid leukemia
                            Antoine N. Saliba, August J. John, Scott H. Kaufmann
                            Cancer Drug Resist 2021;4:125-142

               6            Exploiting DNA repair pathways for tumor sensitization, mitigation of resistance, and normal
                            tissue protection in radiotherapy
                            Jac A. Nickoloff, Lynn Taylor, Neelam Sharma, Takamitsu A. Kato
                            Cancer Drug Resist 2021;4:244-263

               7                     DNA direct reversal repair and alkylating agent drug resistance
                            Roberto Gutierrez, Timothy R. O’Connor
                            Cancer Drug Resist 2021;4:414-423
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